The Association of the Savary Island Community (ASIC) is a dedicated committee representing the lovely community of Savary Island. ASIC aims to represent its members in dealings with government and other groups, provide advice to government agencies on managing the island’s services, push for local control over policies and how tax dollars are spent to meet community needs, and ensure that decisions reflect Savary’s entire community.


Help us maintain and protect our beautiful island! By becoming a member you can join one of our boards and stay up-to-date on the latest Savary developments.


ASIC sub-committees

VSAC – Visitor committee

Director: Joan Vollans

The Visitors Stewardship Advisory Committee’s mission is to understand the impact of increased usage of Savary Island and to identify opportunities to balance the needs of residents, visitors and environment.

Road committee

Director: Doug Dalzell

Our mandate is to continue working with the authorities and to apply pressure to ensure they understand and acknowledge our island’s needs and requirements. Additionally, it includes persuading the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to expedite these needs.

Fundraising committee

Director: Joan Vollans

This committee raises money to keep ASIC up and running.

Governance committee

Director: Doug Dalzell

Our mandate is to review the ASIC Constitution and conduct research to understand our current standing and potential future interactions with all government authorities.

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ASIC Documents


Below you can find ASIC’s constitution.

Hydrology Report 2023

A detailed Savary Hydrogeology Study Proposal.

Survey results 2023

ASIC’s survey results from 2023.

Financial Report 2022

ASIC’s financial report from 2022-2023.

Road Report

Below you can find Savary’s latest road report titled “Savary Island: Appeal for Road Maintenance Reclassifications”:


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